Students’ Error Analysis in Solving The Math Word Problems of HOTS type on Trigonometry Application

Students’ Error Analysis in Solving The Math Word Problems of HOTS type on Trigonometry Application

Students’ Error Analysis of answers and interviews obtained some types of student errors in solving the story problems on the application of trigonometry include, error type I, understand the meaning of the problem. Most of the students’ difficulties when encountering stories are difficult in interpreting, imagining, and analyzing images or mathematical modeling. Many things that affect this include the problem is too long and difficulties in understanding the problem.

Introduction Students’ Error Analysis

Mathematics is a universal science that underpins the development of modern technology that has an essential role in various disciplines. Abstract mathematical concepts correlate with each other to form new and more complex concepts [1]. The students are introduced to things that are abstract in order to shape the concept of new mathematical knowledge. Many assume that mathematics is difficult. Because mathematics is identical to a series of numbers, symbols, and formulas that can be solved through mathematical arithmetic operations. Of course, this will affect the student’s mathematics learning achievement. Efforts to improve the quality of education have been made by enhancing the implementation of learning. However, the effort has not been enough to show
satisfactory results. This can be seen from the mathematics learning achievement shown by the students still low. The fact was supported by the students’ mathematics achievement which is still low.

Mathematical applications

Word problems have for long been a significant part of school mathematics for many reasons. For instance, they provide opportunities for students to use mathematical tools to promote the link between mathematics and real-life context, use thinking and problem-solving heuristics, and provide a platform to develop new concepts and skills [2]. Different types of word problems have been the focus of much analytical and empirical research in the past, for instance, in the classification of addition and subtraction word problems [3] and multiplication or division situations [4]. The multi-step word problem is another type which involves two or more steps in the solving process. Studies reported that solving a mathematical word problem with two or more steps create more difficulty in obtaining the right answers [5]. Therefore it is necessary to Students’ Error Analysis in solving math application questions

Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)

Higher Order Thinking Skills is the process of thinking how to find answers and solutions in difficult and challenging situations by picking up and connecting new and trapped knowledge to provide broader knowledge [10]. HOTS in Bloom’s taxonomy, including categories of cognitive analysis, evaluation, and creation. HOTS is divided into two components, critical thinking and creative thinking [11]. Based on [10] and [11] it can be concluded that HOTS is the ability to solve problems in new situations using knowledge. Such capabilities are critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving abilities that are indicators of higher order thinking.

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